View from Rte 250

Looking across the ridges

October 15, 2011: Tuesday we took a ride on US Rte 250 north again. This is one of my favorite routes for our guests, whether in a car or on a motorcycle – except in winter! It has the twists, turns, and hills that make it interesting for motorcycles and the scenery that has everyone saying, “WOW!” In Spring and Summer there are shades of green as you climb to the top of the ridges and ride along trying to see how many ridges you are actually seeing in the distance. It is beautiful.

But in the Fall – LEAF SEASON!!! – it is in its glory. With greens mixed in to highlight the color! It is breathtaking. Even on a less than bright, shining day, the color comes through. From the road look across at fields, stands of trees, pastures…. It just gets more beautiful by the mile.

Then go down the grades (there are several 9% and even an 11%) seeing all the glorious color around the barns and out buildings.   

Coming down the hils

On a downgrade on US Rte 250 North

Then, as if all this color was not reward enough for taking this trip, go into Wheeling to Centre Market (24th Street) for lunch at Coleman’s Fish Market. Dirty Harry said it right when he said, “Make my day!”

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