May 19, 2013 Gillum House Bed & Breakfast, Shinnston, WV: The new bridge work is progressing – mostly in a good way. Last week a water line was broken and the West Side of town was without water until it could be fixed (quickly thanks to Shinnston’s great Public Works Dept.). The piers on the east side of the West Fork River are well on their way. The west side piers are started

East side of West Fork River piers

Bridge piers – East Side


AND the West Fork River Rail-Trail is OPEN!! They have done a nice job of keeping the rail-trail open with the construction materials cordoned off. The whole construction area is less than a city block and trail users are into the rural setting of the trail.

Rail-Trail with construction

West Fork River Rail-Trail OPEN!


Come ride the West Fork Rail-Trail and while you are here, visit the shops and restaurants of Shinnston. The Gillum House Bed & Breakfast is within blocks of rail-trail, shopping, and restaurants of Shinnston, West Virginia.

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