September 8, 2012: They say small towns have no excitement, nothing to do. Well if “they” are referring to Shinnston, it could not be farther from the truth.

We had the 12 year old All Star Little League Champions for the State of West Virginia in 2012. We have Bocce Leagues, clubs and organizations, a swim team, Pop Warner football, Jerry West basketball, a boxing club, rail-trail, American Legion, Moose, basketball courts, and the only Chapel of Perpetual Adoration in West Virginia (in its 14th year of being open 24/7). Shinnston has a museum, Community Band, restaurants, and shopping.

About 7:45 PM September 7, there was a strange noise. Folks gathered on the street by the Shinnston Volunteer Fire Department to watch what was happening on the rail-trail by the Fire Department parking lot.

HealthNet landed

View from Gillum House Porch



There were several Fire Department trucks and an ambulance on Bridge Street from Water Street to Davis Court.  A HealthNet helicopter had landed on the rail-trail between Bridge Street and Walnut Street. The porch of the Gillum house Bed & Breakfast had a front row seat!

We watched as they exited the helicopter, opened up the back of it and removed a gurney. They took the gurney over to the ambulance and a few minutes later a person was moved from the ambulance to the gurney and taken to the waiting helicopter.

HealthNet helicopter

Taking a gurney out of the helicopter






They closed up the helicopter, the men got in, lights came on, and the rotor started. Once it reached the proper speed, the helicopter lifted off and took to the sky in the direction of Morgantown, most likely destination – Ruby Memorial Hospital. By 8:00 it was all over except for the fire trucks and ambulance to return to “The Barn”.

Helicopter flies away!

Helicopter flies off to Morgantown



Just another day in life in a small town. Don’t you wish you could be in Shinnston?

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