November 23, 2013 – Gillum House Bed & Breakfast: An oft-visiting guest recently became a Grandmother of a preemie. She knows I teach a basic (emphasis on basic) knitting class. So she e-mails that her daughter cannot find booties small enough, would I knit some. So I went online looking for a pattern. I found one for preemie tube socks. Now I admit, the instructions saying to put 13 stitches on each needle and knit in the round confused me. 26 stitches, even on a 12 inch circular needle would be difficult. So I just did 26 stitches on a regular 305 knitting needle and proceeded. Getting near the bottom with the first attempt, I get down to the 5 stitches and then realize – it is 5 stitches PER NEEDLE. So the first attempt is pointy toes.

Preemie Tube Socks

Preemie Tube Socks – Do not LAUGH!






Then I tried again and stopped at 10 stitches. It still does not look like the picture that went with the instructions. But I will be trying again until I get it right. Meanwhile, these will be sent to Grandma to forward to the new Mommy. I hope they help.

A former guest has told me I should call them “Elf Socks”. I like that!!

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