May 8, 2010: Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow to all you Mothers. I had my Mother’s Day early and it was wonderful! Our youngest daughter and her friend came in from Chicago for my daughter’s birthday. She took us to a baseball game – the three of them went to a CUB game and I went to a Pirate game (and we won!) – and we had a great time. Today was departure day – but first…..

Today was also the day of the Mother/Daughter Celebration at the First United Methodist Church and for the first time, I had a daughter who would be here. It is usually in the evening and a week before Mother’s Day and this year it was a brunch and the day before. Sheryl & Linda were not too sure about this, but they humored the old girl. We met up with “Mama” Lucille Anderson. The theme this year was The Price is Right! Sheryl won the prize for the most dangerous job (a box of colored band-aids) and Linda won the prize for coming the longest distance (WV travel info which was wonderful because Linda cannot get enough of WV and has seen more of WV than most locals) and they had a wonderful time.  We got back to the house in time for them to pack up and head out for the airport.

I am pleased to report both girls worked very hard to improve the economy of north-central West Virginia. They were so good at it there will be a box shipped out Monday of things that would not fit in their suitcases (and that does not count the books Linda shipped to her home already).

It is windy, bright, and sunny today (although we are a bit sad since they left) but I am toasty as I sit here wearing my new Chicago Police fleece jacket, looking at the lovely silk flower arrangement sent by Shannon, the card from Martin, the text message from John, and remembering the phone calls from Shelly and Ron.

I hope all of you Mothers have as wonderful a day as I had. Remember, the Mother’s Day Shrine and the Anna Jarvis House (founder of Mother’s Day) are each just 22 miles from Gillum House Bed & Breakfast and they are open throughout the Summer and Fall.

Mother's Day flowers

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