April 18, 2015, Gillum House, Shinnston:  We have been among the missing for a while. Medical issues with himself, coupled with the Winter Doldrums, and with visits from children and grandchildren (aka willing slaves to fixer up) are part of the reason. Have you ever felt like just doing nothing? You know there is a To Do list a mile long, but you just cannot muster the oomph to do anything.

We have been getting the Shinnston Community Garden ready. The sun has broken through and the temperature is warm enough to go out without a jacket. RAMPS signs are appearing next to trucks parked along the road. SPRING is here!!

Today after taking some photos at the Community Garden (all produce goes to the Lord’s Pantry Food Bank), I actually noticed MY yard. The flower garden one of the twins planted a couple years ago survived and I got out the puller (they actually make a device to pull dandelions) and removed some of the dandelions. The tulips at the shed by the clothesline were blooming, the parsley planted 10 years ago is still coming up, the sage and other herbs are getting ready to be used, and the garlic chives survived the winter. Almost time to plant basil.

Blooming Tulips

Tulips by the clothesline





This parsley has seeded itself for 10 years


Glower garden

Shannon’s Flowers grow

So the herbs are ready to be used for breakfasts, the online reservation system is ready for entries, the A/C units are being put in, and with luck, the custom-made headboard for the new king bed will be here soon. The Ellis Drive-in is now open weekends, the Ellis Flea Market opened today. The hills are greening up and the rail-trail is ready for you to enjoy. Our Wild & Wonderful West Virginia is waiting to give you relaxation and pleasure.

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