September 19, 2010: Why do I like living in a small city called Shinnston? Because I like living in a city that cares.

Last week the Kiwanis did a trash pick-up along the streets of Shinnston. Our new banners are hanging on the poles though downtown. That shows we care about our city, but today I saw how we care about our people. 

In this area, spaghetti dinners are fundraisers. I have attended spaghetti dinners that were benefits for people in the past, but the dinner today showed how much people care. A waitress at Jimmy’s Diner was diagnosed with throat cancer. There was a Help Our Waitress can at the register for the last month or so. OK, that is nice. This week there was a HUGE basket of goodies to be raffled off and a Lincoln High School tote bag full of goodies also for raffle. Today, from 11 to 5, there was a spaghetti dinner to end all fundraiser dinners. Jimmy closed the restaurant and moved his operation to the Moose Club. HUNDREDS, I am not kidding, hundreds of people came from all over the area for dinner @ $8 per for adults and most were putting their change in a Tip Jar for her. There had to be at least 10 baskets for raffle $1 for 1 or 6 for $5. There were 3 baskets with tickets 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. This is a city that cares. But you know what? This same thing is repeated in small towns and cities all over West Virginia. I wonder if there is a poll or survey out there for the State that cares the most about each other……. I think West Virginia be listed as #1 in the nation!

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