February 19, 2011: Local talk radio is 103.3 WAJR-FM. In 2008 they hired a young man from Bellefountaine, Ohio who had been working in Cambridge, Ohio as the new News Director and morning talk show host. This young man broadcasts football games and basketball games in such a way that as you sit at home you get caught up in the excitement of the game. You feel the adrenalin rush of the game.  As an interviewer, Reuben addresses both sides of an issue when there is controversy. Although many of his listeners were all for stoning him in the streets , he did a show with an atheist – a show that won him an award in Broadcasting. But that is his job.
Reuben chugs for Charity!

64 oz. in 15 minutes!

Reuben is also very into the community. The half hour prior to his talk show is devoted to interviews of local charities or events. None of the pain that follows is part of his job. He just used his job and celebrity (plus the esteem and respect people hold him in) for the good of struggling charities.  Of course, Gillum House Bed & Breakfast  pledged each time.

 In July, 2009, the Harrison County United Way  did a fundraiser called Dawg Day featuring hot dogs from local hot dog restaurants. Reuben did a sidebar event that day – CHUGGING FOR CHARITY!  He was challenged for how much root beer he could drink in 15 minutes. His listeners  called in pledges and an insurance man pledged an extra $150 if Reuben “ralphed”.

"the ralph" brought more pledge money.

The inevitable "ralph" brought an extra $150

64 ounces of root beer – and the extra $150 was a guarantee! Reuben raised over $2500 for the United Way that day.

Fast forward to November 10, 2010 and the United Way is struggling to meet their fundraising goal for the year. Once again Reuben steps up to the plate – literally! This time, one of his “friends?” challenged him to how many of the hottest wings served at Buffalo Wings could he eat in 15 minutes. We do not have any photos of that event as it took place the same night as the B & Bs For Vets. Once again, he raised about $2500 for the United Way of Harrison County.

Last week, Chris Mullins from the Clarksburg Mission was on the program to tell folks in the area about the annual Polar Plunge started by 2 doctors in the area as a fundraiser for the Mission. Reuben took a directive from a few of his callers over the years – and said he would “Jump in the Lake”. In one week he had $710 in pledges. In 2010, chain saws had to cut through the 4 inches of ice on Maple Lake in Bridgeport.

Firemen at Maple Lake

Fire Department Rescue Team gets Read

Today, February 19, 2011, Maple Lake was clear of ice. It was a balmy 40 degrees – until you factored in the 20 mph wind! Bridgeport Fire Department had 2 divers suited up and in the water when the first wave jumped (in groups of 5).

Reuben gives a thumbs up!

Reuben answers - Are you ready?

First group of 5 jumps in the lake

Last one in! First wave of 5 "Plungers"

Each group of 5 “Plungers” went in with a different style. There were many bystanders cheering them on. Dr. Chris Kennedy, one of the founders of the Polar Plunge For the Mission went in with Reuben’s group. He is easy to pick out of the group as he wore a Bridgeport High School Cheerleader costume.

Second wave plunges in a different style

Notice the style of the second wave


Ladies in the third plunge

Several ladies made the thrid plunge

Reuben jumps - Dr Kennedy Cheers.

Reuben jumps - Dr. Kennedy goes in cheering

The last group has a Leprechaun
Even the Leprechaun plunges for charity!


The littlest fireman at Maple Lake

Mom plunged - is Dad a fireman?


One of the bystanders  was the son of a “Plunger” and at a guess of one of the firemen. I was able to catch a shot of their photo session. Here it is – permission granted by his Mom.

Reuben, we salute you for your dedication to the charities of this County. 

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