August 23, 2011: We have found a new attraction for our guests!!  We now have a Wine Tour! Why visit one winery when you can visit two and have a great scenic ride while you do it.

Heston Farm Winery and Distillery, 1602 Tulip Lane, Fairmont, West Virginia is great.

The Heston Winery sign

Heston Winery sign

We stopped by last week to locate it for our guests and check it out. The winery is just 1 mile from I-79 at the Pleasant Valley Exit. The drive in to the winery is beautiful.

The drive into Heston Winery

A scenic drive - and just 1 mile from I-79

Then you get to the winery. WOW! It is also the home of Pinch Gut Hollow Distillery. I tried a sip of their Apple Pie Shine. Once I swallowed, mmmmm – that was goooood!! The wine is good too. Heston Farm Winery and Pinch Gut Hollow Distillery hours are: Monday – Friday 11AM – 8PM; Saturday 11AM – 10PM; Sunday 1PM – 8PM. There is entertainment scheduled many weekends.

Heston Tasting Room

The Tasting Room

Heston Farm Winery is in the process of creating a wine in honor of Jade. Jade is a retired bomb sniffing dog, she served in Iraq. Jade is now a permanent resident of Heston Farm.

Jade, retired bomb snifing dog

Jade, retired bomb-sniffing dog. Veteran of Iraq War


Gillum House then sends you on a lovely scenic drive that includes covered bridges and an antique mall as you wend your way to the second winery – Lambert’s Winery, 190 Vineyard Drive, Weston, West Virginia, just west of Weston.  They have a nice selection of wines and a beautiful property. Lambert’s Winery hours are: Monday thru Friday9am – 5pm; Saturday-11am-5pm; Sunday-1pm-5pm (April-December).

Lambert's Tasting Room

Welcome to Lambert's Winery

Gillum House has been sending our guests to Lambert’s for years and is quite pleased to be able to now enhance our winery packages with two wineries. Both wineries host weddings and other functions.

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