A West Virginia delicacy! Ramps


In West Virginia you know when Spring is finally here when they start talking about Ramps. No, we are not talking about an angled entrance – we are talking about something ONLY available in the Spring and a delicacy(?) that is either loved or hated. I personally think GOD took the worst of a green onion and the worst of garlic and married them to get a ramp. But I make a great ramp potato soup! They are eaten raw or cooked with just about any main or side dish that would have onions.

Ramps (I am told) only grown in the wild and are found at roadside sales and in some produce stores in West Virginia. I have only know about them in West Virginia (not in any other State I have lived in).

Today I received an e-mail announcing the Feast of the Ramson in Richwood, West Virginia on April 20, 2013. Spring is here!!!!!! At last!!!

Feast of the Ramson

See more details, access video clips of the Feast from previous years, learn more about the entertainers, get Ramp recipes, and more online @

Richwooders – Ramps Site

Richwood Chamber of Commerce Site

Contact: Richwood WV Area Chamber of Commerce, Phone: 304-846-6790 for the most accurate information and date.

Ramps are the first green things to show their heads in spring in the Appalachian rich woodlands. They taste somewhat like an onion with a strong odor. They add a little life to Richwood and Nicholas County after a long winter. Richwood, West Virginia is the Ramp Capital of the World! Check out their Feast of the Ramson .
This good old fashioned Richwood Ramp Festival in West Virginia is held in middle of April and all food will be prepared by locals Richwooders, especially the ramps, the “little stinkers” will be served with ham, bacon, fried potatoes, brown beans, cornbread, and drinks, (Sassafras Tea, coffee, and cold drink). Hope you can make it to the Rampfest!

Come taste Spring in West Virginia – find a Ramp Dinner!

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