March 4, 2012: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 there were torrential rains, high winds, and flash floods all around north-central West Virginia. By Saturday, March 3, people were cleaning up the mess, the rain had stopped, the sun was out, and the water levels of the rivers and lakes were receding but the water was muddy brown and COLD! The temperature was 51 degrees but it felt a lot colder due to the steady breeze that was blowing – and this was so for people standing around in jackets – dry jackets!

The fourth annual Polar Plunge fundraiser for the Clarksburg Mission was held at Maple Lake yesterday. It was not as bad as a few years ago when they had to use a chain saw to cut through the ice so they could plunge, but it was to quote Laugh-In, “nippy on the bippy”! This year the theme was “Freezin’ For a Reason” and once again, Reuben Perdue was putting himself on the line for charity.

Making room for more root beer

This part of "Chugging" had a &100 pledge

Reuben has Chugged for Charity, chugging 64 oz. of root beer in 15 minutes, twice he has downed hot Buffalo Wings – these for Untied Way of Harrison County, and now, for the second time, he was doing the Polar Plunge for the Clarksburg Mission.

Today, on his 36thbirthday, Reuben has a smile on his face because he made his goal of raising $1300 in pledges. He announced that the person with the highest pledge could “dress” him for the plunge. Candidate for the Harrison County Board of Education Tina Canon stepped up to the plate. Although there were others who pledged more later, they ceded that to Tina. 

Getting his makeup on

Accessorized with his Manchester City scarf, Tina applies makeup

Reuben went down to the locker room with the outfit Tina brought and then returned for the completion by Tina, posing for a few photos when she was finished.

Reuben strikes a coy pose

A sweet, coy pose. Isn't he fetching?

There were several interesting costumes – a cowboy, a man in a tutu, Reuben in his (he was so cute), and Minnie & Mickey Mouse.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse jump in the lake

Too late to change your mind, Minkey!

Wave after wave of jumpers went in, monitored by the Bridgeport Fire Department for safety. Gillum House was on hand, as Reuben put it – his people – standing by with a robe as he emerged and then posed for the cameras.

Reuben after the jump

Muddy lakes ruin your makeup!

There was a nice lunch for all present in the Club House after everyone got out of the lake. The pulled pork was excellent!.

It was a very successful day of Freezin’ For a Reason. We will look for you in February 2013 at Maple Lake for the next Plunge.

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