We have upgraded and fixed up inside the Gillum House over the years. We decided it was time to improve the outside.

We removed the hedges and planted blueberries across the front of the yard in October 2015. Eventually they will grow to form a “hedge”. We may be able to harvest a few berries this year (if the birds do not beat us to them) as 5 of the 6 have berries on them.

Along the side of the yard, we have planted blackberry bushes with the hope of them forming the “hedge”. 3 of them fell victim to the weed whacker last year, but they have been replaced. We hope to harvest a few blackberries this year as several of the plants are “in flower”.

We now have chairs and a fire pit in the back yard for the enjoyment of our guests. We have 2 chairs for now, but will be adding more soon (we do have folding chairs available now if there are more than 2 wishing to sit around the fire pit). We hope our guests enjoy the new addition – the fire pit.

Fire pit looking north

Facing north

Chair at fire pit facing south

Facing south




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