June 25, 2012: Yesterday was the Shinnston Community Band Picnic. It was held at the Shinnston City Pool at Ferguson Memorial Park. July 1 the Park will be the location of the annual Shinnston Independence Concert.

Mike Cale and cohorts grill dogs and burgers

Director Cale and cohorts grill dogs and burgers

The weather was perfect – a bright, warm sunny day with a slight breeze. Mr. Mike Cale, Director of the Shinnston Community Band, Richard Herndon, and Evan Jones of Bandland were the chefs of record for the hot dogs and hamburgers. The rest of the bounteous spread was covered dish by band members. The food was plenteous and delicious.

Many of the kids (and grandkids) of the band members were in the pool having a great time until whistled in for the food. After eating it was back in the pool – faster for some than others who had to wait for Mommy & Daddy to be ready.

Little girl waits for Mommy to get in pool.

Come on, Mommy!!!








Finally shet gets in the pool

Thanks, Mom. Finally!!!




An added attraction was the wheeling in of a very special cart. Young and old had a great time with the age-old activity of blowing bubbles – with a twist. These bubbles were gigantic. It was fun watching the sizes and shapes the bubbles took on.

Blowing giant bubbles

Now THAT is a bubble!!

The Shinnston Community Band will perform July 1 at 8 PM with warm-up Kelsey Jefferies and then blue grass band BreakMountain at 7 PM. The Shinnston Community Band will also perform July 5 at the amphitheater at VA Park in Clarksburg and July 21 at the Shinnston Fire Department on Bridge Street after the Alumni Parade.

Don’t you wish you could have been there for the fun? Why don’t you dust off your instrument and join us this Fall as we start rehearsals for the Christmas Concert.

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