June 7, 2014 Gillum House Bed & Breakfast Shinnston, West Virginia: We hope you have enjoyed discovering the unique things found near the Gillum House and Shinnston, West Virginia. We saved the best, and rarest, for last. And whether Shinnston has what you are looking for or not, West Virginia has it for you (unless you require an ocean – we ARE a bit short of ocean views) somewhere in our Wild & Wonderful State. Send us an e-mail and we will help you find it.


#1 Levi Shinn House – In 1772, Levi Shinn and his brothers Clement and Jonathan and their cousin Benjamin came to the area that is now Shinnston and claimed land by Tomahawk Rights. Jonathan’s twin, David, came also but returned to New Jersey to fight in the Revolutionary War. He returned to Shinnston but soon moved to Hampshire County where he lived until his death.  After claiming the land, they returned to New Jersey for their families. It is not known exactly when the log house was built, however, by 1778 the 2-story log house of Levi Shinn, his wife Elizabeth, and their 9 children was there on what is now US Rt. 19.

Levi Shinn Log House

Levi Shinn Log House



The Shinn House has 18th Century “central heat” and 90% of the outside walls are said to be original. It is located on the original site. The Shinn Log House is owned by the Shinnston Historical Association.


signing guestbook

Elopement couple sign Shinn House Guestbook

Tours of the 4-room log house are available through Gillum House Bed & Breakfast – the Historical Association has a Free-Will Donation Box at the house (there is no other “fee” for the tours).  Gillum House offers an Elopement Package with ceremonies in the Shinn House.

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