May 30, 2014 Gillum House Bed &Breakfast Shinnston, West Virginia: We are going to combine Reasons 7 and 8 because they are on the same topic but VERY different. Both are wonderful twisty, turny, and hilly roads with very different scenery. Motorcycle and sports cars will absolutely LOVE these roads. Gillum House had day-trip routings for both of these routes. Come see them for yourself!

#7 – US RT 50 – This route is full of hills, a turn called the Horseshoe and another called the Hairpin (definitely a KYA turn), Cool Springs – a great stop for lunch, stretch your legs, and see lots of old farm and other equipment that has delighted all ages for generations, the smallest church in the Lower 48, and many points of interest. It is also the route to Blackwater Falls State Park and the famously beautiful waterfalls.

Cool Springs

Cool Springs, WV









Smallest Church

Smallest Church in Lower 48










Twisty road

Twists on US Rte. 50










#8 – US RT 250 – US Rt. 250 is a marvelously twisty and hilly route – perfect for motorcycles and sports cars! As one “serious” BMW motorcyclist stated referring to a Gillum House Bed & Breakfast routing using US Rt. 250 and WV Rt. 20, “That is a perfect mix of scenic and technical riding.” In the autumn it is a route of West Virginia wearing her “Sunday Go-To-Meeting” colors in all her glory!

View from Rte 250

Looking across the ridges on US Rte. 250 curves,horseshoe,hairpin,smallest church

Coming down the hils

West Virginia wears her Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Finery

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