June 4, 2014 Gillum House Bed & Breakfast Shinnston, West Virginia: We are presenting reasons that are unique to this area as our reasons to visit. Many states have covered bridges, but only one was the site (and the “prize”) of the first land battle of the Civil War.

#4 – Philippi Bridge – The “prize” that was the focus of the first land battle of the Civil War was the covered bridge that spanned the Tygart River in Philippi, Virginia on June 3, 1861.

Battle Standards

Standards of Units in Battle of Philippi

Philippi Covered Bridge

Philippi Bridge




Just south of the Bridge on the west side (US 119 side) there is a small park with the Battle Standards of every Military Unit participating in the Battle of Philippi.





During the planning and the Battle of Philippi, Union General George McClellan made his headquarters in the Jarvis House in Webster (home of the Father of the founder of Mother’s Day – Anna Jarvis).

Anna Jarvis House

Anna Jarvis House

On June 20, 1863, Statehood was granted to West Virginia as a “Border” State of the Union.




There are 8 other covered bridges of the 17 remaining in West Virginia that are within a 60-mile radius of the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast including the Carrollton Bridge located a few miles south of Philippi.

Carrollton Covered Bridge

Carrollton Covered Bridge

When in Philippi do see the Depot Museum, if it is open. It has some quite interesting artifacts – and mummies (real ones).

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