April 12, 2012:

Raw Ramps

West Virginia Ramps

 I have noticed people are looking for Ramp Dinners in West Virginia.

Ramps grow wild in West Virginia. Everyone knows Spring is here when they start seeing signs posted: RAMPS. For those who do not know what a ramp is, it is of the onion family but have a flat rounded green as opposed to the usual green onion top. I have been told by those who love green onions that ramps taste wonderful. My personal opinion is that GOD took the worst of green onions and married it to the worst of garlic and called it a ramp. From personal testimony I can say if one person in a couple is going to eat ramps, they both should. Do not breathe on me for a couple days after eating a batch of ramps! (I must admit to making a great ramp potato soup!)

Jimmy’s Diner on Hood Avenue in Shinnston (on US Rte 19 on the north end of Shinnston) will be having a Ramp Dinner Buffet on Saturday, April 14 from 2:00 PM to closing fr 10.95 + tax. Come to Jimmy’s for your ramp fix.

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