May 23, 2013 Gillum House Bed & Breakfast, Shinnston, West Virginia: Shinnston, West Virginia was the first City in our Wild & Wonderful State to be named a Playful City  by KaBoom. In 2013, Shinnston achieved this designation for the third year. It is not an easy designation to get – many hoops must be jumped through to get this.

One of the many things Shinnston does, is Big Elm Play Day the last two days of school before Memorial Day. Today, grades K-2 were bused to Ferguson Memorial Park where The City of Shinnston had the pool ready, bounce houses set up, and Harrison County Parks & Recreation, and Lincoln High School Key Club members ready for the buses to arrive. (Friday, May 24 will be a repeat with grades 3-5.)

The buses took the children up to the large pavilion to unload and return to Big Elm Elementary for the 2nd grade. The teachers lead the kids down the road to the pool and grassy areas.

Big Elm Students walk down to the pool

Walking to Play Day











Passing the Ball

One of the games – Pass the Ball

Games were played in several areas in the Park. The games were organized and monitored by Lincoln High School Key Club members and employees of Harrison County Parks and Recreation.











And the Bounce Houses were quite popular! Mazes, slides, and how high can he jump? Will he reach the palm frond?

Jumping in the Bounce House

How High Can I Jump?


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