June 11, 2012:About 4 years ago, we decided to test the waters with Gillum House mugs. We are a distinctive bed & breakfast patronized by discerning guests who do not want to use or purchase “junk” or things that can be found “everywhere”. So we contacted Larry Riffle of Riffle Pottery in Cowen, West Virginia with a request. We wanted a mug big enough to be a  

First Gillum House mug

The original Gillum House mug

CUP OF COFFEE, not a teaser. The other parameters were a handle big enough for a MAN to grab and the Gillum House predominate color is burgundy.  They were such a hit that they “flew” off the shelf! Each mug is signed by Larry. By the time I re-ordered, Larry had pneumonia and family illnesses and deaths and had stopped potting for a while.

The while stretched into 3 years and I am so happy to say Larry is back!

Gillum House Bed & Breakfast got a new car!! We have had our 2011 Honda FIT for almost a month now. The other half of this operation is like a teenager with his first car!  So Saturday, June 9 a certain person in this house was ready for a Road Trip! “Call Larry and ask if the mugs are ready.” I did and they were. So away we went to Cowen in Webster County. South on I-79 to Exit # 57 (US Rte 19) to the Birch River Exit, turn left and drive 16 miles to the right turn into the Riffle Pottery driveway.

New Gillum House Mug

The new Gillum House Mug

What a collection of antiques and interesting items and photos decorating the walls and display areas of the showroom! And the wonderful pieces of pottery! All colors, designs, plates and platters, teapots, cups, and mugs, his Face Mugs, pitchers and bowls! The craftsmanship is awesome and the beauty of his designs entice you want one of everything, Although he has neglected to get a web site, Webster County native and well-known travel writer/photographer Thomas Fletcher wrote and posted an excellent article about Riffle Pottery. Larry also holds pottery classes.

Come to the Gillum House to use a Riffle Pottery Gillum House mug. Make your reservations online at www.gillumhouse.com or phone 888-592-0177.

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