August 9, 2011: MountainFest ended 9 days ago. But West Virginia’s roads are still here waiting for motorcyclists who LOVE to ride twists, turns, hills, and KYA (that means kiss your a**) turns. We have had bikers from New Brunswick, Canada (he said my route was just the right mix of scenic and technical riding), Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, the “Biker Boys” from Ohio, many other States, and Labor Day week, we have bikers coming from Mississippi. They are going to do our 2-States – 2-Inns – & Twists Package we do with Hilltop Haven Bed & Breakfast  in Toronto, Ohio.

Motorcycle guests pose before leaving

Ready for a great day of riding.

Hilltop Haven offers garage parking for their motorcycle guests. We have off-street parking at Gillum House or (if you have a Trike with a trailer) feel free to use the side yard!

Trike getting ready to leave

Helmets on! Let's ride!

We have many different routes for our motorcycle guests and several different inn-to-inn packages depending on the direction one wishes to ride – North? South? East? What would you like to see/do? Covered bridges? Antiques? History? Scenery? Or just plain old good riding? We have it for you here in West Virginia.

Since both John & Kathleen were former riders (the tree did not move for him and City involvement cut into her riding time too deeply) and Kathleen knows her State. They know the best places to ride for whatever is the pleasure of the biker guests. Talk with John about the old days of flat track racing. He was the owner/tuner of a BSA Gold Star racer in the Midwest, often his Gold Star was racing the same Sunday afternoons as the greats – Carrol Resweber, Dick Mann, Gary Nixon when he was starting out.  (We received sad news Friday that Gary Nixon passed away Friday afternoon.) See John’s paintings of vintage motorcycles in the Library. The paintings of the Matchless and the BSA Dick Mann raced are no longer here – they are joining the actual motorcycles in California.

Motorcyclist ready to go

Serious rider ready to ride

Come on to West Virginia for some of the best motorcycle roads in the good old USA!  Go to and Book Now!

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