Gillum House Bed & Breakfast, Shinnston, West Virginia: It is well-known that the innkeeper at Gillum House used to ride motorcycles and the B & B also has a resident artist of Classic Vintage motorcycles. He, in fact, was the owner/tuner of a 1960 BSA Gold Star racer (his friend Larry Cameron was the racer because he could not race due to polio) and did street ride Triumphs and BSAs for years. The paintings by John Panek adorn walls in almost every room in the house. There is an article about John Panek in the July 2015 Antique Motorcycle magazine.

The innkeeper has ridden in a small airplane, a prop airplane, jets, a glider (that was awesome), on the back of motorcycles, as the rider of motorcycles, and on a trike. This week, the innkeeper gets to do something new. IF all goes well, the innkeeper will be taking a road ride in a sidecar attached to a 1954 Harley Davidson Panhead. In the luggage going to McKee’s Sky Ranch All-Brands Motorcycle Event will be one (under-used for years) Shoei motorcycle helmet.

As the song says, “I’m so excited…”

The photo came…..

Kathleen rode in a side car

Kathleen gives the “royal wave”

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