February 27, 2010: Last night I looked out the kitchen window just before I headed off to bed. I left the kitchen singing – Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’? In the lane, snow is glistenin’….. It was a most beautiful sight! The snow looked like it had diamonds scattered all over the surface. I do think it has slowed down for a while – I hope. I must admit I am tired of shoveling. Yes, I have been shoveling. We had guests last week and I shoveled out a parking place for them. I also shoveled the steps, stoop, and the sidewalk to the curb and it was showing cement!! Today it has about 6 inches of snow on it again (I shoveled the snow from Thursday night yesterday morning so my guest could get to her car comfortably). Already, my street is cleared – Shinnston has a great crew in Public Works. They once again cleared the streets quickly.

Do you like to X-country ski? Well we have a great place for you to go! The West Fork River Rail-Trail is almost 17 miles of snow with beautiful scenery along the way. The trail follows along the West Fork River, going through the town of Monongah (site of the worst mine disaster in the US in 1907), Worthington, location of Worthington Park where a dam crosses the river and the river spills over it, Hutchison, and Enterprise where the Methodist Men built a “gossip bench” for their wives to rest protected from the weather and crossing several bridges. You will see wonderful walls that are beautiful rocks except in winter when they are fantastically beautiful walls of icicles. Give yourself a mid-week get-away with a 2-night stay and get $20 in Jimmy’s Diner Dollars to have dinner on us. Jimmy’s is the restaurant version of CHEERS! The only thing missing is YOU!!

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