August 20, 2017 Shinnston, West Virginia: It is that time of year again! The sun is out nice and bright, the air is still, and it is HOT! And as I look out the window of my office, I can see it is once again almost time for Frontier Days.

Frontier Days always starts at Gillum House on Sunday, with the arrival of the first of the rides. The Bears are almost always the first one in.

Bears Carnival Ride

By morning there will be more Myers Amusements rides and trailers in front of Gillum House with Kiddie Rides arriving across Davis Court in Casey’s parking lot. By Monday evening just about everything will be here and the setting up will begin. By Tuesday evening it will just about all be set up. They will spend Wednesday making certain everything is tightened up and safe for the opening Wednesday evening.

Kids rides in Casey's Parking lot




Parades: Thursday night at 7:00 PM is the Fireman’s Parade; Friday is the Tractor Show; Saturday the Parade is at 11:00 AM. Shinnston loves a Parade.

Arts & Crafts at the Shinnston Volunteer Fire Department starting at 9 AM

Entertainment? Frontier Days has a little entertainment lined up.

Wednesday: Olivia Gianettino. Then Aristotle Jones

Thursday: Dave & Sugar Karaoke.  Then the Davisson Brothers.

Friday: Silas Powell and the Family Band. Then Dark Matter

Saturday: Gene Shelton at Noon; Nick Davisson at 4:00; Last Year’s Model at 6:30; Union Sound Treaty with Owen Schmitt at 8:00


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