March 30, 2011: Just how important is fresh coffee? How important is the cup?

 Do you want a dainty cup?

A dainty teacup

A dainty teacup

A Gillum House mug

Gillum House Mug by Riffle Pottery

 A hand-thrown mug or a face mug made at Riffle Pottery

Larry Riffle Facemug

Face mug by Larry Riffle

Shinnston Logo Cup

Or a nice heavy large mug?  

Do you want a bold coffee that says you had COFFEE or do you prefer a smooth coffee? Or do you just want to try coffees from different parts of the world? The Gillum House knows a fresh cup of coffee is important so we give our guests choices of what part of the world they wish to try (currently we have 21 varieties of green regular coffee beans and 6 in Decaf) so we can have them roasted for breakfast in the morning. Fresh-roasted coffee is the BEST coffee!

Green Coffee Beans

 Here is the current in-house list:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Indonesian Balinese Kintamani
Kenya Kubwa Brazil Serra Negre
ZimbabweAA  Guatemala
Costa Rica Café Vida Fair Trade Organic Bolivia
Madagascar Nicaragua Pueblo Nuevo
Papua New Guinea A Kimel Estate Mexican Turquesa
Organic Fair TradeLa Florida Peru Congo Kivu Katanda
Hawaiian Kona Blend Kenya AA
Rwanda Ingoboka Cooperative DECAF Costa Rica KVW SHB EP
Sumatra DECAF Ethiopia KVW EP
Hawaii Kauai DECAF Brazil
Hawaii Maui Natural Typica DECAF Hawaiian Maui Kaampali
Zambia Taranova Estate DECAF Honduran


Won’t you join us for a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Reserve online at or call 888-592-0177.

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