We had an interesting Valentine’s Day. Since it was Thursday we went to Jimmy’s Diner for spaghetti night. Although we were there for a late lunch, Jimmy had made his wonderful bread. Dinner comes with a loaf of Jimmy’s bread, salad, and all the spaghetti (or rigatoni) you care to eat for $3.99 plus tax. Beverage is extra. It was nice to greet folks we knew and to meet new people. Jimmy’s is the restaurant version of CHEERS. It truly is friendly.As we were retiring for the night, my husband fell and managed to cut his head open. Heads do seem to bleed “like a stuck pig” as my Mom always said. As the cut was particularly long but shallow, I bundled him into the car for a trip to ER. 4 hours, 10 staples, and a CT scan later (due to his medications they wanted to be safe), we returned home. As by now it was Feb. 15, it was the anniversary of his proposal many years ago. Personally, I could do with a bit less excitement. Nothing broken, on him or in the house so all is well. Sore, but well.

Our guests who arrived a few hours after we got home got settled and got their directions to Lambert’s Winery. They were thrilled with it. She told me they found the perfect wine rack. They had been looking for it for a long time. Jim Lambert took them on a tour of the winery himself. Come check it out. That fireplace in the tasting room is beckoning….

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