May 5, 2014 Gillum House Bed & Breakfast: Yesterday morning as I drove north on US Rte. 19 down the hill by the Shop N Save from picking up the Sunday Charleston Gazette-Mail, the hill across the river was a beautiful shade of young green. What is young green? The color of the leaves of the trees as they come out in Spring is young green! The trees at the top of the hill were beautiful. Down in the valley closer to the river, the trees with leaves that were just starting to bud were bathed on the golden glow of the sun as it was rising. Then as I continued to Walnut Street, the purplish cloud that formed a backdrop to the old Shinnston High School gave the impression of mountains. It was so beautiful! I was grateful for having a reason to be out of the house but returning to fix breakfast for our interesting guests from Canada. The wonderful thing about yesterday morning is the fact that unless it is one of those rainy mornings, this is every morning in West Virginia.  In Summer the hills are so many shades of green from the variety of trees and in the Autumn the colors of those leaves are glorious.

There was an article in the paper about the wonderful family that re-united after a 6-year separation (divorce) with the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast Elopement Package. There is a video embedded in the article that shows what we do for our elopements. We did a “laid-back-flannel” and this more formal and if desired, we can do an 18th Century – period clothing available at the Gillum House! Here is the link Charleston Gazette-Mail

The Elopement Family

Carrie, Brannan, and all their children


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