June 12, 2013: Gillum House Bed & Breakfast:       

Taking a trike ride on US Rte. 50

Just the beginning…





Do we know the roads motorcyclists love?  This is just one of the several routes we have mapped turn-by-turn.  I recently was blessed to experience a trike on this route – I have done it on my motorcycle and it is great both ways! Enjoy the ride!

Twisty road

Going down the first hill




Going around the Horseshoe

Just the Horseshoe – it gets better!








The lead trike approaches the Hairpin turn.

Approaching “The Hairpin” – we have more…..


Off-street Parking for motorcycles. Like to talk about the “old days of motorcycle racing”? Our resident artist was the owner/tuner of a BSA Gold Star racing bike in the era of Dick Mann. Come on down to the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast!! Spend the day riding and the evening talking about it!

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