August 18, 2012: How was YOUR company picnic? Was it at another ho-hum park with food, a few games, and speeches afair? Step on up and find the best location to hold a company picnic where EVERYONE will have a great time. Come to Shinnston as WesBanco did!

It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words. So please come with me to the WesBanco Company Picnic in Shinnston, West Virginia…….                                                    

Welcome to the Park

Welcome to Ferguson Park! WesBanco employees follow the arrow

  At the large pavilion was registration, event schedule, and tables awaiting the food at 4:30.

Bouncy House and snow Cone truck

Bouncy House and Snow Cone truck


Activities for the kids beyond the inflatible were located at the small pavilion (where even adults were invited to create Sand Art) – duck pond, temporary tattoos, and crafts.             But if games and competition is what you enjoy, that is here also.   
Schedule of Events

Find YOUR Event!


Sand Art and other activities

Sand Art and other activities at this small pavilion

Bingo Pavilion

B 6 - BINGO!!!







Corn Hole Tournament

Play WesBanco Corn Hole


Trophies For Corn Hole

Trophies for the Corn Hole Winners!

Going to the Rail-Trail

A Ride on the Rail-Trail to work up an appetite!

Some went to the pool

Some chose to go for a swim

Casey's fires up the grill

Casey's Catering fires up the grill

Some took time out for a ride on the nearby West Fork River Rail-Trail.
Or go for a swim….
And a picnic is nothing without food, so Casey’s Catering fired up the grill to get ready for the appetites worked up during the day of FUN for all ages. A Company Picnic with something for everyone!!  

We hope to see YOU enjoying Ferguson Memorial Park.

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