September 9, Shinnston: I realized today that I did not come back with photos of the completed new office.  I was able to move in in March of 2018. I discovered the heater seen in the new photo is necessary for a comfortable winter. This WAS originally part of the front porch after all.

I am using a unit built by my late husband for his art studio as a desk – I just have not gotten around to looking for a “real” desk yet. This has been a great place for me.  The blue cloth (part of our display of his paintings at events) on one window and the CUBS flag (a treasure of John’s) help keep the glare of the morning sun off the computer monitor in the mornings. The red hat – his BSA Owners Club hat – shades my eyes in the mornings.

I now have a wonderful view of what is happening around me AND as one gentleman in town walks past each morning to go to his car, he waves – so now I am being taken care of. People will check if I am not visible for several days. You have to love a small city!

Compare the photos below to see the finished office.

February, 2018: As was true in much of the East, we spent 2 weeks trying to stay warm. AND we managed to keep the waterlines from freezing.

Fortunately we had 2 out of 3 weeks in January that Mother Nature decided to warm West Virginia up a bit, weeks we did not have to worry about freezing lines. Those were weeks we had City duties with Conferences. Your innkeeper also serves the City of Shinnston as City Clerk.

Gillum House is in change at this time. The former workshop is in the process of becoming our new office. The insulation is in and the walls are up. The ceiling will go in tomorrow. Then comes the taping, carpet, outlets, lights, and light switches, and a phone line before we can move in. But Step #1 is in progress. Woohoo!

Step #1 is a thing of beauty. Here are photos of December 2017 to the change today, February 6, 2018. Then Jan. 5, 2018 all the wall stripped and insulation in. February 6, 2018 sheets of insulation were put up and then the walls.

Workshop to Office

Dec. 2017 after wiring





Starting to look like an Office

The Walls are in 2-6-18. Ceiling tomorrow


Workshop to Office- panelling stripped

2-5-18 insulation in and walls stripped



The completed Office

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