September 1, 2011: That is what Ed Youngblood titled his News & Views entry of 8/24/2011 – Bikes, Bed, and Breakfast. He starts the entry with this:  “In 1952, Jonas Salk developed a vaccine that contributed eventually to 99 percent immunity to the polio virus, which had been the cause of the most dreaded childhood disease epidemic in America during the first half of the 20th century.  John Panek, born in Chicago in 1940, was one of the generation born a bit too soon.  The same year that Salk created his vaccine – but three years before it went into extensive distribution – Panek contracted poliomyelitis.  But it did not seem to keep him from enjoying a normal and active childhood.  Though he walked with a full leg brace and a crutch, and had partial paralysis in his right arm and hand, Panek became an expert marksman and by 14 was riding a motorcycle.”

Ed Youngblood is the premiere motorcycle historian and an author of several books and many, many articles. There is a bio of Ed on his web site and click here to go to News & Views, just scroll down to the 8/24 entry. Thank you, Ed!

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