July 17, 2012: What does an innkeeper do on a morning there is no breakfast to be served? Well this particular morning, this innkeeper indulged herself by checking out a new café in Shinnston. Someone else cooked and served breakfast to ME!!

David Minor at Beck's Cafe

Co-owner David Minor takes a break

  Beck’s Café has opened in the Shinnston Sports Center. It is no longer a dark “bar” atmosphere. It is bright and airy with tables and café area in the front by the door and three pool tables (or is that billiards) in the back area of the space. Becky and David Minor have made it an inviting place with a limited menu – but they are open 6 AM to about 1 PM and open again at 4 PM as the Sports Center – BUT the menu is available all day.

This time I had the biscuits and gravy – something the Gillum House does not serve (we do low-fat that tastes wonderful) – and a Cappuccino (my City Manager told me they were wonderful and she was correct). Next time I will try their bacon, egg, and cheese croissant.       

Pool Tables at the Sports Center

Pool tables at Beck's Cafe and Sports Center

For lunch or dinner, they offer DB’s Special Pepperoni Bun (3.50), hot dog (1.00), or hamburger (2.75). Beer is also available.

Come check out Shinnston’s new Café and Sports Center. The streets are no longer rolling up at 6 PM!!

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