Shinnstonm West Virginia, Gillum House Bed & Breakfast: This week is Frontier Days in Shinnston, West Virginia. Development Director Reuben Perdue has done a wonderful thing this year. This year he brought in a new carnival company – and it has made a WORLD of difference!

Usually, the Sunday of Frontier Days week, the carnival rides start rolling in and setting up. For the last 4 years game trailers were parked in front of the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast (would have been butt up to the porch if it were not for having a good sidewalk). All one could see from the porch, which was now a cave, was the back of the Skee Ball trailer and my side yard was littered with trash and cigarette butts.

This year the rides rolled in, were not set up in a loud clanging frenzy of loud, uncouth speech, and there was no trash. We still put up cones at City Hall (1/2 block away) for guest parking should we actually have guests for Frontier Days, one must admit we are where the action is. Promptly at 10 PM week nights and 11 PM on Saturday – ALL rides shut down and quiet descends. It is a wonderful Wednesday thru Saturday in Shinnston. Only one more day to go. The Grand Parade Saturday starts at 11 AM. The Bands (several) and the carnival start at 1 PM. APWA Wrestling at School Square at 7 PM (free admission).

It is lovely to see entire extended families come out for the fun and fellowship for food, rides, entertainment (Wednesday night was the Glenville State College Bluegrass Band and Saturday will be APWA Wrestling (all free by the way)), and to support all the local organizations with their fundraising efforts.

The following photos were taken from my front porch last evening and I could have taken those same photos tonight –

Kids rides in Oriole's Parking lot

Kiddie Rides across from the driveway









But the best, most heart-warming sight is our side yard wall :

Familis sitting on the wall at the Gillum House

Families at Frontier Days


Big Rides View From Porch

Current View From Porch

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