Our Shinnston Accommodations - Rooms and Rates

Guest accommodations are on the second floor.(15 steps) The Gillum House is a smoke free facility - there is a crystal ashtray on the porch for our guests who smoke. Children are welcomed but must bring at least one parent or guardian. Due to allergies of the host, pets are not accepted. There are no owners' pets on-site.

There is a KING bed in the Gillum Room and a QUEEN bed in the Harris Room and Rosi's Room. 

 All books on the second floor are for the enjoyment of our guests who are invited to take their choices with them, compliments of your host. Please do not return the books, they are there to be "stolen".


The Gillum Room: King-size bed and en suite bath Rosi's Room: Queen-size bed with shared bath Harris Room: Queen-size bed with shared bath

In our efforts to be aware of the comfort and possible allergies of our guests, the Harris Room is feather/down-free and the laundry detergents used are dye-free and perfume-free. Softeners and softener sheets are not used for that reason, but towels and linens are "fluffed" in the dryer.

In our efforts to be "Green" we encourage reuse of towels.

All Online reservations are "REAL TIME". Your hosts prefer to not take credit card numbers online , therefore will call within 24 hours for a credit card number to guarantee the reservation.

The Gillum Room (KING-size bed) is $149.75 + 6% WV sales tax per night.

Rosi's Room (QUEEN-size bed) is $125.00 + 6% WV sales tax per night as a shared bath OR Rosi's Room is available as a room with private bath for $140.00 + 6% WV sales tax in which case, the Harris Room is not available to anyone.

The Harris Room (QUEEN-size bed) is $115.00 + 6% WV sales tax per night as a room with shared bath.

Each of Our Guest Rooms Offer the Following Amenities

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