April 13, 2010: I have been having a great time baking. A friend asked for a bagel recipe recently – “I have one and I even know where it is!” Wrong! The recipe I could envision was for pretzels. Soft pretzels.  Yes, I went through a bagel phase after finding a very easy bagel recipe for her, but I wanted pretzels! Pretzels with honey mustard or pretzels with spicy brown mustard. They really are best with mustard.

I am waiting for some guests to arrive. They phoned earlier to say they had been involved in an accident (minor I hope since they are hauling horses!) and were delayed. What shall I do as I wait? I did finally do my taxes so I do not have to do that. All is ready for the guests. Aha! Pretzels!

The guests may be a bit hungry when they arrive, so I made pretzels. Each room has a plate of pretzels with a container of honey mustard for dipping waiting for them on the dresser. What so you think? Would you like to find a plate of freshly made, homemade pretzels waiting for you on arrival? A plate like this?

Homemade Pretzels

Kathleen's Homemade Pretzels

Go to Gillum House reservations  and reserve your room or call 888-592-0177 for your plate of pretzels.

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