You may have heard about us (north-central WV) in the news lately. Someone ticked SOMEONE off because we had some humdinger storms! May 31 we had a flash of lightning and a BOOM so close behind it was if it was at the same time. My uninterruptible power source kept the computer up and going, but the phone line (one of the few unprotected things on my system – voice line is protected) took out my modem! No Internet! I was lost.To make things even worse for timing, my computer guru does not open until noon on Monday and by noon I have to be well on my way to Kentucky – I am a consultant. I was meeting with some executives on Tuesday regarding making a lovely historic house into a bed & breakfast.

We had more bad storm on Sunday, but the worst was Monday afternoon and Tuesday (and I missed that). The water came with such force that there are deep gullies along US Rt 19 and a lot of hillside came down along the road that goes to the community of Wyatt, but the City of Shinnston and the Gillum House are still here waiting for folks to come visit. I have had to call a lot of people to let them know there is a change in the directions to get here. Imagine my surprise Friday when I unroll the paper to see the road I bring my guests in on from the Interstate “above the fold” with a jagged edge where the road used to be! If you are coming to Shinnston from I-79, you now MUST use Exit #125, turn west at the top of the ramp, and then left onto WV Rt 131 at the Exxon station. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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