May 2, 2012: Spring is almost sprung!!! The tulips, forsythia, daffodils are gone. But they bloomed early this year. Guests coming in May are in for a treat. Blooms are everywhere!!

Rhododendron and azalea usually bloom the middle to the end of May. Our red azalea and white azalea are almost in full bloom (the purple azalea next door is in frll bloom). I went out and took some photos this morning of two of the bushes in our yard.  

The bush looked dead.

It looked dead last week

  Tucked into the corner of Walnut Street and Davis Court at the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast inside the hedge, is a bush I was certain was dead. It was just sticks reaching up to the sky. This morning as I came out of the kitchen, I looked over at it. To my wonder, it has buds all over it getting ready to burst into bloom! Going over for a closer look, I found one that has burst forth! 

Yellow flower bush

My yellow flowers

They are so lovely when blooming – but this bush does not bloom for long.

We have two very large rhododendrons, one on each side of the driveway. Both are the pinkish purple in color. We did have a white one at one time but I do not know if John’s penchant for burning yard waste at the end of the driveway – WAY too close to the poor white rhodo – or the large rhodo next to it overshadowing, but the poor thing gave up the ghost and was removed. One of them is taking its time but the one has been budding for a week and now looks as if it will be in full bloom in another week.  

The small rhododendron

The smaller rhododendron bush.


Visitors to Shinnston are in for a beautiful sight if they come to visit in May!

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