May 18, 2010: Shinnston is a forward-moving small City. Not only is it moving forward to be a city where people want to live in the 21st century while retaining its identity with the past, but it is a fiscally responsible city.

Yesterday I had the privilege of appearing on a local talk radio program in my capacity as City Clerk with our City Manager to talk about the up-coming City Election. We wanted to make sure the word was out regarding the City Election on June 1, 2010, training for our poll workers on May 26, that financial statements of the candidates being due was given to all candidates, and notice of early voting was given. News Director Reuben Perdue asked about Shinnston’s plan to “piggy-back” future elections with the County’s Primary elections.

This shows how fiscally responsible Shinnston’s City Council and City Manager are. They no longer want to spend as much as $3000 to run an election in the manner proscribed by State Law (required number of poll workers of Political Party even though it is a non-partisan election), when often no candidate is opposed. The first reading of the Charter Change required to allow this has taken place. There will be a Public Hearing before the second and final reading takes place. The change will allow all candidates to be At-Large (County is planning to combine precincts and there is no way to break out voters by Ward) and to allow the election to take place with the Primary instead of in June.

Why am I talking about the politics of Shinnston? Because it is my hope that folks will recognize what a great place this is, come see, and perhaps decide to stay. With our Museum, Rail-Trail, Activities Park, 

City Park seen from large pavilion

 City Park with walking trail, playground, pool with waterslide, bocce courts, and other amenities in planning, history, Festivals, Shinnston Community Band, civic organizations, excellent school system, and businesses, 

Shinnston's past begins (circa) 1778

Shinnston is a place with a past that is moving with the future.

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