July 18, 2010: You know how you have those days that start off with joy to be alive and then discover a sadness? But then when you want to be sad, you cannot because there are too many happy things happening – all TODAY!!

 This morning reading the obituaries online of my “home area” newspaper I was saddened to see the name Gino Quatrocchi, my 8th grade teacher. Our class was special – we were his first class as a teacher and we were the last 8th grade class to ever graduate from that school. He was a good teacher and rose through the ranks to be Superintendent of Schools in the district we had moved to in Ohio when I was a freshman. He was a good teacher.

 Sad as that made me, I had to get ready for the Shinnston Community Band performance at the Glen Elk Festival in Clarksburg today.  As we were about halfway through unloading the new Band Truck of chairs, stands, and large instruments the sky opened! It was a drencher for about 15 minutes (long enough to wet the back seat of my car with the slightly open windows) and then blew over. So we then set up for the band and played a very good concert!

 As if that were not enough happiness for one day (getting to blow my brains out with my bari sax is wonderful!!!), I was notified about the Hungry-for-road-trip Blog by Claiborne  House Bed & Breakfast (Rocky Mount, Virginia) innkeeper and blogger extraordinaire,  Shellie  who sent me a link to the blog she wrote after inviting innkeepers from around the Country to send her info about foods of their regions.  Of course Gillum House had to send information about our own local region, the pepperoni roll. We invite you to take a Hungry-For-Road-Trip by visiting Shellie’s blog. http://claibornehouse.blogspot.com/2010/07/hungry-for-road-trip.html.  

Mr. Q, you will be remembered caringly as you left us today with the things you thought of as being quite important – music and food. Please tell that lovely Mrs. Q I said hello.

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