by Kathleen Panek – April 14, 2013: Photos will be posted at a later date – when our new computer is reloaded with all the “STUFF” and installed in the Library/Office here at the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast. Soon! PLEASE let it be soon! Thank you, Kevin, for the loaner but I cannot do photos, etc. yet.
Deer visit the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast

First time visitors to the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast

OK, now that I have my whining out of my system, I saw something this morning from the kitchen window that I have never seen before in all our 18 years in Shinnston. I happened to glance out and there, just standing perfectly still were two yearling deer. They were yearlings because they no longer had the spotted rumps of fauns and were larger than fauns.

I promised photos when the computer was up and running – well today, April 19, 2013 I was finally able to get the photos.
They stood there, occasionally twitching their ears or looking around, then moved a few steps toward the side yard (enjoying those long blades of grass that had yet to be cut), then moved into the neighbor’s yard. The last time I looked, about a half hour later, I saw the rump of the second one going down the alley toward City Hall in the direction of either the trailhead of the West For River Rail-Trail or into another area of woods by the Little League Field. I think they just came in from the north on the Rail-Trail and into our yard  since we are so close to the rail-trail.  Got lots of photos – but cannot download them to this “loaner”. Be patient with me – photos to follow.

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