June 21, 2009: After our weekend guests departed, I offered dear old Dad dinner out at the restaurant of his choice. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s. He still remembers it as our first experience was in Maryland off I-68. There were 4-levels of goodies on the salad bar!  No longer true. He was happy with the freshness of the veggies but there was no fruit and only 1-level now.

On the way home, we went over to the entrance of the Pete Dye Golf Course to see just exactly how far away we are. Well, Folks, let me tell you it is exactly 6.3 miles from the Gillum House to the Pete Dye Golf Course. Since we offer breakfast at your time and tailored to the dietary needs of our guests, no tee time is too early and we serve the freshest coffee off the plantation.

They close one side of the 4-lane portion of the highway by the Pete Dye Golf Course and turn it into a parking lot for the week.  The tickets were all sold through charities as fundraisers.  I hope many of you are coming to this event because the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, the weather is predicted to be extremely cooperative this week, and the golfing competition excellent.  Come enjoy some great golfing.

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