December 31, 2011: As we watch 2011 fading into the past, we reflect upon the changes to the Gillum House and to Shinnston.

When Kathleen returned from visiting her brother in Europe (and John from spending that month with kids and grandkids in Iowa), the Gillum House was given some attention. Rosi’s Room not only got cable, but also a flat screen TV with DVD. Then the full-size bed was replaced with a queen-size bed without losing the spaciousness of the room. A bench was added at the foot of the bed for better seating. The Harris Room was upgraded to a new flat screen TV and a Dolby sound DVD player. With the installation of the queen bed in Rosi’s Room, we added a new option for our guests – choose from our Menu of Sheets.  All rooms now have the option of choosing cotton, micro-fiber, flannel, or fleece sheets when they make their reservation.

Gillum House staircase

New carpet stair treads

We also added new stair treads on the staircase for beauty and quiet. We hope you think they are as nice as we do.

Shinnston has some new businesses and a well-established business relocated. Shinnston Plumbing moved from Pike Street to their new building on Charles Street. The new building is very nice. It is easier for customers to park and get into – not fighting traffic to get out of the car and no ramp to enter as the entrance is at street level. It is totally customer convenient. Duane Gump sold the old building to the City (thank you, Duane) and on November 7, 2011 the walls came down. Once the Shinnston Plumbing building was down, the demolition of the Rice Building could begin. Many people in the City did not believe the Rice Building would ever be torn down.

Shinnston Plumbing is down

Rubble all that remains of old Shinnston Plumbing

We photographed the stages of demolition from November 7 to the end. December 24, 2011 both buildings were totally gone and grass seed and straw covered the site of the future Community Building. The last of the equipment was removed from the site on December 26.

 Watch this site for updates on what is happening in Shinnston. Better yet, come see for yourselves what a City on the move looks like as the revitalization continues without losing what makes Shinnston – The Heart Among the Hills.

The new Shinnston Plumbing building

Shinnston Plumbing on Charles St.

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